High Crime rates forcing Baltimore businesses to turn to private security agencies

With high crime rates in Baltimore City, more businesses are turning to private security as an additional safety measure.

Crystal Moll, a local artist and owner of Crystal Moll Gallery in Federal Hill, says she and other businesses hired private security companies as an extra set of eyes in the community.

“Perception is reality and if we want visitors to come here, we need to let them feel safe too, so keeping this place clean, keeping a nice security level is important for all of our businesses,” said Moll.

Moll says the businesses could no longer afford the private security but she did see the benefits.

“If we had a problem like if someone was here and we needed someone else to deal with it, we could call them and they’d be here in 3 minutes,” said Moll.

Wolf Professional Security is a private security company with hundred of guards in neighborhoods though out Baltimore.

Jim Mitchell, Regional Director, says they’ve seen an uptick in business in recent years.

“I think across the board people are looking at private security as an option to provide more eyes and ears and safety on the streets,” said Mitchell.

This comes as the Baltimore Police Department is short on officers.

“The police department is challenged right now with their recruiting and retention, the police commissioner has come out with a very comprehensive plan to address that,” said Mitchell.

Moll says she and other nearby businesses would like to hire private security again soon. They are also interested in buying shop front shutters near me.

“We’re being scared into it and I think that’s an unfortunate path to go down,” she said.

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